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Hi, im Kevin

I'm a UX designer based in Los Angeles, California with experience in research and software development. I'm passionate about using my background in psychology to create an innovative and impactful experience for users.

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My Story

I graduated with a degree in Psychology from California State University, Northridge and started my career as a behavior interventionist and researcher. I have always loved working with technology and during the pandemic, I decided to enroll in a coding bootcamp at UCLA.  

Here I learned how to write code in multiple languages including HTML, Javascript, React, etc. Although coding was interesting, nothing gave me more excitement and thrill than the design process. Like a happy accident, I stumbled upon UI/UX design. 

After completion of the coding bootcamp, I turned my focus to UX design and learned the necessary tools I needed which included Figma, Adobe XD, Sketch, etc. To date I have completed 3 UX design projects with many more in mind. STAY TUNED!

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